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This Knowledge Hub provides insight for third sector leaders on key topics in charity management. Browse the resources below or select a topic from the dropdown menu.

Marketing & Communications

Webinar: Crisis Communications

Inspiring Scotland Webinar. Crisis Communications and Reputation Management with Graeme Downie, Director of Orbit PR agency. Originally streamed on Tuesday March 31, 2020.

Evaluation, Financial Management, Fundraising & Income Generation, Governance, Marketing & Communications, Operations, Strategy

Glossary – Third Sector jargon-busting

Download Inspiring Scotland’s guide to Third Sector jargon for charity leaders.


Action plan template

After a strategy planning session, you will want to log everything down in an action plan. We’ve provided two templates – one in Word and one in Excel to get …

Marketing & Communications, Strategy

Stakeholder template

Identifying who your key stakeholders are is one of the first steps to developing your overall strategy and for ensuring your communications are targeted. This template is a prompt to …


OSCR Guidance and Good Practice for Charity Trustees

Charity trustee duties are set out in The Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005. This guidance explains what the 2005 Act says charity trustees must do or must not …


Risk register template

All organisations face risk, and it is important to identify those risks so you can effectively monitor and respond to any changes to ensure you keep your charity’s impact on …


Introduction to Charity Governance

Apart from the individuals a charity aims to help, board members/trustees are the VIPs. And it is the diversity of these individuals, that can lead to either the make or …


Introduction to Charity Leadership

Lead the way to success The role of a leader is to nurture the talent and strengths of others. As in our own work it is about providing individuals opportunities …


Introduction to Charity Team Performance

Together we build the dream Whether you’re a project manager or team member, performance is everyone’s responsibility. And it’s important to create a positive environment in which that team can …


Introduction to Charity Evaluation

Evaluation is a huge part of what we do at Inspiring Scotland. Evaluation sets out what difference you want to make and helps you to measure whether you are achieving …

Financial Management

OSCR Charity Reserves Factsheet

Factsheet aimed at charity trustees of small to medium sized charities looking to produce for update a reserves policy. Reproduced courtesy of OSCR Scottish Charity Regulator. Download OSCR charity reserves …

Financial Management

Introduction to Charity Finance

Finances as solid as a rock For many the topic of ‘financial management’ may sound daunting. And if you are one of those people, then don’t worry, we are here …


Introduction to Charity Partnerships

When organisations with a common aim work together, they can cut costs, improve outcomes, and reduce duplication. Collaboration is of particular importance to smaller charities who are looking for ways …


Introduction to Charity Strategy

In simple terms a strategy is a plan of what you need to do, to get from where you are now to where you want to go. When looking to …

Fundraising & Income Generation

Beginner guide to grant funding

This excellent guide from Robert Kelk provides an overview of grant funding and how to approach applying. Download Beginner Guide to Grant Funding

Fundraising & Income Generation

Steps to success in charity fundraising Fundraising is all about resilience and self belief. We’ve set out some steps below for you to follow, in order to get the best chance of being successful. However …


Logic model template

Logic models show how cause and effect can lead to desired outcomes, and many grant makers require a logic model be submitted to show how resources will lead to long-term …


Introduction to Charity Impact

Impact: Three questions you need to ask. We know that you wake up every day to make the world a better place for the people you support. Looking across your …

Marketing & Communications

Key message template

This template is designed to help you work out your organisation’s key messages. Key messages are the foundation of how you speak about your organisation, so it is very important …

Marketing & Communications

Marketing plan template

Fill in our template marketing plan to get your organisation up to speed with marketing and communications. Prompts within will lead you through the various steps – identifying your goals …

Marketing & Communications

Introduction to Charity Marketing

Charity Marketing: Are we nothing without our stories? Storytelling is an age old concept. A great story can stay with us for a life time. Having this human to human connection …