Introduction to Charity Team Performance

Together we build the dream

Whether you’re a project manager or team member, performance is everyone’s responsibility. And it’s important to create a positive environment in which that team can succeed. Become leaders of change, together.

For many leaders, a key concern can be the smooth running of a team. Here we have outlined some hints and tips to keeping the running of your team as smooth as possible. Increasing productivity and maintaining high performance are ingredients for success.

Set Clear Team Objectives

When setting objectives everyone should understand the importance of your aims and the time in which they must be met. But it is from there that is becomes a team decision. Your team must each carry out their role to plan how best to target and achieve such objectives. Trust in your team and their ability to innovate to get the job done. As they say, ‘two heads are better than one’.

Yes, mistakes will happen, but it is how you learn and evolve from these mistakes, that is the makings for success. Ensuring each individual is on the same page and understands their role, is the first step to success.

Reward collaboration

Teamwork can make the dreamwork. A well done or a thank you can go a very long way, towards boosting moral. Never forget to reward collaboration or success. This not only encourages individuals but creates an open platform for communication. Ideas can come from all levels of your team. The collaboration of opposing perspectives can join to bring a fresh pair of eyes, to a problem.

Observe your team

The best way to observe the work of your team is to work alongside. Skip the middleman and Bb your own eyes and ears. This proactive, team involvement allows you to catch problems on the spot and resolve any issues as they arise. Remember to coach first and direct second.

Intervene if necessary

If you’ve built a high performing team it’ll be a rare occasion. None the less problems can arise, even in the best of teams so be prepared to manage a negative situation. As the leader you cannot shirk the responsibility of discipline and you must be able and prepared to intervene where necessary.

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